Escola de Surf & Bodyboard

The School

Our Surfschool sits in Vila da Torreira, right on the sand. It was set up in 2007 with the purpose of developing the surf culture in the region while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle with much respect for nature.

Ever since, our school has helped many through their first steps surfing and bodyboarding, achieving very successful results and always pumping very positive vibes.

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Our Surf Crew

Being all experienced and well travelled surfers and bodyboarders, more than a working team, we are a group of friends who share a big passion for the sea and for what we do.

We also strongly believe that our school's success depends highly on our instructors who always seek to balance responsibility and professionalism with relaxed and informal tutoring. We're proud to totally rely on our crew for that.


Our activity is demanding and we don't skimp on quality equipment. We have everything essential to whoever wants to start surfing and spend a good time with us.

  • Plenty of surfboards and bodyboards,
  • Wetsuits in all sizes,
  • Fins in many different colors and shapes
  • Transport to check a variety of breaks, and
  • Sun protector. Lots of sun protector!

We also love to use our water-film-camera to film and show you your surf moves!

Other Activities

Our programs go way beyond waveriding, beach-bumming and old-school ska-dancing. The natural grounds around Pontoeste allow us to organize many other activities including beach vollyball, racquet, frisbee, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, long-board-skating, cycling and treks to São Jacinto Natural Reserve.

Let us know what you are into and we can arrange activities to suit your moods and wishes.

Vila da Torreira

Not long ago the village of Torreira was just a big stretch of sand, dividing the sea from the Ria. It had a few very basic shacks, built and occupied by local fishermen, the only population at the time. It's natural grounds didn't go unnoticed for long. Only 40 kms south of Porto and retaining most of it's original identity nowadays, Torreira offers one of the best and most spacious beaches in the country, supplied by cool beach bars and fantastic restaurants. Local people are very friendly and fishermen will be glad to take you on their boats to show-off their work (so feel free to ask). The Ria provides the most stunning sunrises. The best sunsets are usually in the sea surfing with us!



Graduated from Coimbra's Law School in 2006 and from the Portuguese Surfing Federation in 2008. It only took two years inside an office to find his (long Summer) way out. He set up our school in 2007 and since then has been the main surf and bodyboard instructor at Pontoeste. He will be teaching all levels from May to the end of August.

Having worldwide surf experience, Jo doesn't hesitate in saying Portugal is definitely a world class surf destination and the 30km of deserted beachbreacks around Praia da Torreira have some of its best waves in the World.


Nuno's been teaching a wide variety of sport disciplines, in both public and private schools, outdoor, indoor, and in the water. He's taught pupils of all ages, from 8 months to 80 years old.

Being a Pilates instructor and an experienced waterman, Nuno is developing the practice of the pilates over water - Supilates. He is bringing stand up paddle (SUP) and Supilates to Pontoeste.


Graduated from Porto Law School, post-graduated in Human Rights by Coimbra Law School, Miguel, joined Pontoeste in 2010 and took a few gap years ever since. He Cruised in South America and surfed all the spots from Patagonia to Equador.

Mixa was the consecutive Surf Open winner in the first and second edition of the Pontoeste What'a Challenge, the annual surf contest promoted by our school.

Last winter Miguel left to the remote islands of São Tomé Principe and will not be returning soon. The good news is he will be hosting great surf holidays there.

Interested in an African surf trip? Drop us a line for all info.

Special Contributors



Afonsoe has been a longboarder for many years but only once could actually stand up on his board. It was in a small but perfect right-hander in the south of Morocco and he rode the wave standing for almost 50 seconds.

But, the first meeting regarding our schools creation was in his backyard in Coimbra and ever since he has been the one responsible for our graphic image (Habushalenko).

He now lives in the Far East and may be found at www.waaastudio.com



The inspired fashion designer was one of the school's first pupils. Unfortunately we can't say her surf career went very far but it's due to her talent that we can wear stylish t-shirts most of the days.



Since catching his first waves in Brazilm Laurence has been hungry for more. He's been stuck making websites in London for a while so we hope to see him back in the water this summer.