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We have to say it... Surfing is for us a blessing. It is about relating with Nature, becoming part of the Ocean and clearing our minds from anything else. But don´t be mistaken. Expect challenge, plenty of it, and hours of very hard work in exchange for brief moments of unforgetable surf, a truly uplifting spiritual experience.

For the last 10 years we have been learning, mostly with our pupils, how to teach surfing. In our surf courses we use an efective surf teaching methology, and always seek to help you make the best of your, always too short, stay.

We teach anyone that wishes to start.

Surf Lesson - €25 (a single 90 minutes lesson) 
Six Lesson Pack - €120 (six surf lessons to learn the basics) 
Pontoeste Beginner Course - €220 (18 hours of tuition, ilimited hours of fun) 
Surf & Stay Pack - from €390 (Pontoeste Begginer Course + 7 nights lodging + Breakfast)

All our lessons are performed by qualified surf instructor and include apropriate equipment.